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One of the most difficult things for me is dealing with challenges, gracefully. I tend to easily give up on myself, or give myself too much slack for not doing my calls, or follow ups. 

I am kind of at a stand still today because I didn’t have any good leads for customers. I made calls and didn’t get anywhere and am freaking out because it is the last week of the month and I want to finish strong. I want to ask for help here because I need help working through those challenges and getting good ideas to move on and get good leads. 

Its been a hard day for me. Help?

Everyone has a reason for doing what they do. So the same goes for Mary Kay Consultants. Its a little different though because there is a drive behind us, a reason we make those calls everyday, the reason we go that extra mile. 

I used to believe my why was because I wanted a better life for my family, and to be able to be home with my boys. But for some reason, that just wasn’t getting me out the door. I never really “got” it. My why was too broad. 

About 3 months ago, my sister (who happens to be a really talented photographer) won a major award and became a Master Photographer. She went to Atlanta was awarded on stage in front of her peers and my parents went with her to watch. I was so jealous. I wanted that. I wanted to be so good at what I did that I was awarded on the highest stage for it. That want has become so great, that it is now my why. 

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not so narcissistic that I need the accolades for every achievement. But I wanted this for me. I want to earn it.  I want my parents to come to watch me receive awards in front of my peers. I want to know that I worked and earned something big.

So whatever you do in life, find the reason why. Not just for a paycheck, not just for your family, do it for yourself, find what moves you, What gets you going. Because, it won’t be worth it if you don’t. 

Today was a great day, and I didn’t make a cent. I had the pleasure of hosting a Mary Kay debut for one of my new team members. This is such a great opportunity. This is what I love most about Mary Kay, I get to make others feel good. 

We had a small crowd but so much fun, everyone got to try new products and my team member learned a little about how to share the love. 

Go-Give simply means that you do for others. Treat others the way you want to be treated, and rejoice in their successes. It’s the entire reason I love Mary Kay. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing others succeed.

When I started Mary Kay, the women in my unit accepted me as a sister, supported me and made me believe in myself. If I can do that for just one more woman, I am a success. 

Tonight, my heart is full. 

In the time since I began my Mary Kay journey I have moved up from a consultant to a senior consultant, to a Star Team Builder, to a Team Leader. The next step is Future Director, then on to DIQ (Director in Qualification) My ultimate goal is to be an Independent Sales Director.

Finding it in myself to have the strength, and confidence it takes to be a Director is the hard part for me. I have not always been the most confident person, so this is a huge challenge for me. However, I have the most amazing husband, family, and Mary Kay family, and they help me everyday to see myself as the leader, they believe me to be.

As of today, I am 2 active consultants away from being a Future Director, and 4 away from entering DIQ! The goal must be finished by April 1st to begin DIQ!!! Soo scary! But I’m up for the challenge. I have an amazing team of consultants to help me on the way.

The courage to do so is what I am lacking. I have never stepped outside my pretty little box, and every time I think about it, I want to throw up! I know it is in me, but man, I’m scared.  Ok, enough with the scary talk. I have calls to make! Please comment and let me know how you deal with building courage!

As an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay, I have an aspiration to be an Independent Sales Director by July. I have a long way to go and thought that a good way to be accountable to myself would be to have a daily blog about my journey.

First, a little about me. 

I started my Mary Kay journey in September of 2011. My daughter, Kaila (19 at the time) told me about a woman who asked her to be a model at a Mary Kay fashion show. I had used Mary Kay in the past and had even sold it for a short time about 9 years ago so I knew the score. I told her that she should go, her husband was in bootcamp at the time, and she was working and taking care of her 1 year old son at the time and I thought she needed girl time. 

For several days leading up to the show, she kept asking me to come with her. As a mother of 2 other children, who worked full time, helped my husband coach soccer, and was “too busy” to do anything else, I told her no.

The day of the show came and and Kaila called me again, and said, “mom, it is raining outside, I know the soccer games have been cancelled, you have no excuse, please come with me.” I relented.

Walking into a Mary Kay fashion show can be a bit intimidating, especially for a middle aged woman who has self esteem issues! I took my seat at the table and helped my daughter do her makeup. She looked beautiful, but I was still on guard. Then, a woman set down with me, she was beautiful, and had an easy speech that made you want to listen to what she had to say. Her name was (and still is) Shawna Schneider. 

After the show, Shawna spoke to the guests about her life in Mary Kay and I was mesmerized. 30+ years in the business, free cars, money. These were all things I knew about the business, but something about the way she spoke, had me hooked. Of course, I couldn’t let my daughter, or anyone else know that! Later, Shawna said to me, “if you dream in pink tonight, you need to call me!” Guess what?… 

So Monday came around and again, Kaila asked me to go to a meeting with her. I played it cool, but said I would.  I went to that meeting, pen and paper in hand, ready to learn. I fell in love with the opportunity, and at the end, I just looked at Kaila and said, “OK, where do I sign?” After she picked her jaw up off the floor, we did the paperwork. 

But that was just the beginning of my journey, over the last year and a half, I have found forever friends, confidence, self esteem, and a drive that I never knew I had. 

I ask you to join me on my journey to Director, and maybe find these attributes in yourself as well.